Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good News and Bad News

I haven't written in some time (I've been feeling poorly).  So much has happened.  

First of all, I had good intentions for the summer with keeping us scheduled,but in all honesty, I should have planned for more downtime.  Trying to do swim lessons and kid courses at the community college led to an awful lot of running around.  We had a good summer, but it was far too busy.  I still had Relief Society responsibilities I was handling as well.  Next year I definitely won't take on as many activities. 

We took our trip to see Grandma and Grandpa at the end of summer and had a great time.  We got to visit with lots of other family as well. When we got back we got ready for school to start.  

C2-Whirlwind is hitting Junior High this year.  C3-Lawboy is starting at a new elementary school with his sister, Princess Ballerina, because of boundary changes.  I am hoping we will get away from the bully situation we had at the last school.  Still no word on if C5-Trainboy will be able to get into preschool--I'm hoping for the winter break.  We have another evaluation scheduled for him. 

Our sad news--my dear friend Susan, who had fought off breast cancer before she was my counselor in the Relief Society, found out her cancer was back in the spring.  Overall she seemed to be doing well.  She was positive and enthusiastic and we all felt she was beating it.  She had previously been released as my counselor about a year ago--the previous fall.  We felt it was too much stress and she needed a lighter assignment.  After some discussion, she took on our Relief Society newsletter.  She was getting treatments, taking vitamin C shots and really seemed to be doing well.  I talked with her in September when she called to ask for a little time off from the newsletter.  She was just too tired right now, but she wanted to do it again when she felt better. I shared some good news with her at that time.  

For the next few weeks I thought about her a lot and tried to call, leaving many messages.  I'd like to say I sent her cards-I thought about it, but I didn't--just the messages.   I knew she needed rest, so I didn't want to push it. I finally got a hold of her husband and when I learned just how sick she was, I convinced him to let us come in and help with things until Susan could get better.  

The next morning I got a terrible phone call that Susan had passed early that morning.  

The world has lost an angel in Susan.  She was a faithful woman of God who wanted to serve others until the very end.  


The good (in fact wonderful and amazing!) news I shared with her was a big surprise and total shock to us.  Not many weeks after we got back from vacation I was feeling rather poorly myself. I thought it was an early bout of the flu.  Just to be sure I took my last remaining pregnancy test.  (I hate throwing things away and I hadn't found anyone to give it to yet and I always bought multi-packs because they are cheaper.)  I was completely shocked when it came back positive.  I was also slightly panicked that I had  given my baby things away!   

I've just had my sixteen week checkup and I'm cautiously optimistic.  I'm ready to tell people now (hence the post), but I know we still have a long road ahead.  Before now, only a handful of people knew.  


Susan was so happy for us.  She knew how hard my last miscarriage had hit me, and she was so supportive.   She told me she hoped everything would go well.  I know she was praying for us.  

I still cry when I talk about this.  It's all still too recent.  I miss her wonderful laugh and sense of humor.  I miss her smile.  I am grateful for all she taught me and helped me with as I was finding my feet in my calling.  I am grateful Heavenly Father allowed our paths to cross.  

I believe in the Plan of Salvation--that Heavenly Father provided a way for us through his Son, Jesus Christ, that we may all return to them if we come unto Christ and repent of our sins.  I'm pretty sure Susan did exactly that and is in heaven.  I hope I can live a worthy life and one day get to heaven too and greet our loved ones-friends and family alike.  I look forward to seeing Susan there.

As Relief Society president and Susan's friend,I had the privilege of helping prepare for body for her funeral. It was an experience that I will cherish.


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