Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Music Man

Lawboy has applied to the performing arts high school Firstborn attends, AND BEEN ACCEPTED!  The competition was tough.  Several violinists auditioned and only four were accepted.  I am bursting at the seems with pride in his accomplishments.  I was hoping he would get in--my dad (who plays six instruments and sings really well) says he thinks Lawboy has a lot of natural musical talent.  I think this will be an excellent place for him to hone his talent and find more discipline in it. 

He loves robotics and seriously considered applying to Whirlwind's STEM high school.  He weighed this decision heavily for weeks, and prayed about his course of action.

In the end, he applied to the arts school first and decided to put his efforts into his audition pieces.

I think this will be a good move for him on multiple fronts.  It's a smaller school with lots of quirky, but friendly kids.  I think he and his sense of humor will fit right in.  There is an additional benefit that this year I have seen a pronounced decrease in the amount of fighting between all of my boys, and between Whirlwind and Acroboy in particular.  With Whirlwind having a "school of his own",  it seems to give him a sense of ownership, uniqueness (from his brothers) and it promotes his love of math and science.  With Lawboy going to a different high school I have high hopes their relationship will continue to improve because they won't be figuratively stepping on each others toes. 

I have high hope for my boys and their futures.