Monday, February 22, 2016


I haven't posted in over two months because not long after I found out my tests were okay, I came down with bronchitis.  It really knocked me out.  I had two rounds of antibiotics, two rounds of an oral steroid and a steroid inhaler as well as a rescue inhaler.  It took over eight weeks to get over it.  I was healthy for about a week when I came down with another cold.  More fluid in my ears and all the stuff that goes with bad head colds. 

I've started adding more probiotics and coconut oil into my diet hoping I can at least avoid a yeast infection--that culprit that often accompanies antibiotics. 

I'm feeling decent today, so I'm finally catching up.  A lot of things have happened during these two months, so I'll be posting short snipets to catch up.

That's all for now.  Have a great Monday! 

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