Friday, February 26, 2016

Scout Mom

I plan on posting soon about the reasons I think Scouting is a great thing for boys--especially those on the autism spectrum.  For right now I will say this has been the scouting month. 
  • We had our Pinewood Derby
  • We had our District dinner, which we attended because Firstborn was presented with an award.  
  • We were going to go to another large scouting function recently but it was postponed because of weather.  We spent the day working on scouts instead.  We caught Acroboy up in his Wolf book.  Lawboy and Whirlwind worked on merit badges as did Firstborn to a degree (though he is an Eagle Scout, so I don't ask him to do as much as his brothers).  
  • I attended a council trainer meeting and now I'm an official trainer with the council
  • We had another Eagle Board recently--I was in charge of staffing it
  • Blue and Gold Banquet is tonight
  • Troop Fundraiser is coming up right away as well.
  • I'm coaching another scout on getting his Eagle application in right away.  
  • I've been recruited to train Cubmasters at a not-too-distant function
  • I'm now co-chairing a merit badge day fair.  

I wouldn't be doing any of this if I wasn't passionate about scouting.  Scouting has done more for my family than I can possibly say, and it has literally meant the difference between life and death.  I'm a bit behind in laundry, but it is worth it to make sure these kids have great opportunities. 

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