Sunday, April 25, 2010


I don’t know how to begin.  Yesterday I got a call from my dear friend who had moved away from us earlier in the year.  She’s had a lot of problems with her pregnancy.  She’s been in the hospital for several weeks now due to various complications (low amniotic fluid for one).  J (my friend) delivered a little girl the day before yesterday, and later that night her baby’s heart gave out and she passed away.  They tried to resuscitate the baby for 20 minutes.  

My friend is devastated.  She and I just bawled on the telephone for 15 minutes.  She was there for me during my miscarriages, and I want more than anything to be there for her.  I’ve asked another friend in town if she will take care of Train Boy should I be able to go out and help her.  I’m waiting to hear.  


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