Monday, April 21, 2014

Success and Failure-Whirlwind and High School

So we have some success, and a failure.

Whirlwind did NOT get into the performing arts high school Firstborn attends.

I'm actually kind of grateful.

It's like pulling teeth to get him to practice.  He spends most of his time fighting me on it, walking away and just getting distracted.  Twenty minutes of practicing often turns into an hour or more because he interrupts his own playing.  (If he'd just buckle down and get it done, he would be done so much faster).  I can only imagine what agony next year would be if we had to fight to get him to practice to keep his grades up. 

Whirlwind DID get into the STEM magnet program.  I have high hopes for him here.  I've met with the counselor there and we attended an orientation meeting of sorts.  He's pretty excited about this new venture and so am I. 

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