Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Acid Reflux Repeat

When Baby Girl was tiny, she had a difficult time sleeping unless she was being held. 

She also spit up a ton. 

Our pediatrician suggested putting her on an acid reflux medicine to help her and it made a world of difference.  She could sleep, she was less fussy, and we didn't have to resort to a keeping a large blanket underneath her to catch all the spit up anymore. 

As she got older and could sit up more, we backed off the medicine.  We worried about the long-term implications for her liver.  We also thought the problem had resolved because the spit up became infrequent and almost rare even when we didn't give her the medicine.

I got a phone call from the GI doctor today.  Baby Girl's biopsy show some inflammation in her feeding tube. Baby Girl had been dairy free for at least a month when she had the procedure, so the doctor was not sure whether it was residual inflammation from the milk allergy, a different food allergy, or the acid reflux we thought she was over.

After we talked for a bit, we decided to treat Baby Girl for acid reflux for at least eight weeks.  At that point the doctor will perform another upper GI scope.  If there is inflammation, we are looking at an additional food allergy.  If it has cleared up, it is more likely to be acid reflux. 

So I'm off to the drug store to get her prescription.  Maybe she will gain more weight if she can keep it in her stomach.  I'll keep you posted.

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