Monday, September 23, 2013

Allergies for the Older Kids

So I was thinking about Baby Girl's milk allergy and how it affects the skin on her legs (they always feel rough).  Acroboy has similar feeling skin on his legs.  I decided to take his older brother and him into the allergist to see if they too had milk allergies.  Surprise!  No allergies of any sort for Acroboy.  (Not even the oats we have been avoiding for years).  The allergist said Acroboy must have outgrown it.

I was expecting Whirlwind to have a dairy allergy because of some other problems he faces.  Nope!  Tomatoes though.  He is allergic to tomatoes--which makes sense to me because I've noticed for a long time how much more hyper he becomes after eating a tomato product like pizza or spaghetti sauce.  He is not happy about the tomato allergy.

We eat a lot of tomatoes in our diet (tacos, taco soup, spaghetti, lasagna --pretty much any Italian food, Indian food, sandwiches, etc).  I am going to have to make an effort to bring in more tomato free dishes for this boy. 

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