Saturday, March 30, 2013

Counting our Blessings

I was talking with my friend, Michele, on the phone earlier today.  We were talking about Pinterest and how I had found a mega-board with over 2,000 Autsm pins.  Granted, some of the pins are duplicates, but it was full of wonderful ideas I hadn't necessarily encountered before like this "Transition Box". 
It has play-doh, a sensory toy, pictures, and a treat for the boy that needs it. It might be just what I need for Whirlwind to transition to scout night and for Acroboy to transition to school in the mornings.

There are brushing techniques, weighted pillows, even shoes with GPS tracking for kids who wander off.  Sensory rooms, sensory bins and recommendation upon recommendation for books to read. 

It's a little overwhelming, but mostly I feel gratitude.  I am grateful that there is an increased awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I am grateful for the technology that exists to create virtual communities of support and a place to share ideas, techniques and products (homemade or store bought) that can make parenting a child on the spectrum easier.  I am grateful to know I am not alone in this journey.  There are other moms--just like me who are trying to do right in challenging circumstances.  

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