Monday, March 4, 2013

Trying to Create Some Order In My Life

I'm a pack rat. Income from a long line of pack rats. I have a difficult time letting go of things. Some times it is because of sentimental value, and sometimes it is because I think I might need it someday.

I read recently that scientist may have found a gene that is responsible for my hoarding behavior.

Even if there is a gene, I have the power to choose whether or not I keep things at all. 

At any rate, it means in my 40 some odd years of life I have accumulated a lot of stuff. Some of it is worthless, some of it is waiting to be passed down to the next child. Some of it should get passed on, some should get scrapbooked,and some should be thrown out or given away. 

The problem lies in the time it takes to go through and determine which is which. I'm not the type that can look at a whole box and just say "It's trash."  I have that compulsion to look at each item and assess value.  I've been watching lots of episodes of hoarders and it has made me realize these things about myself and given me motivation to purge and make decisions quickly about items I'm touching.

Additionally, I'm trying to be better at not even bringing things into my home unless I need them. I have put a moratorium on buying any new scrapbook supplies until I use up the ones I have. I'm trying to find a few minutes here and there where I can get through old projects and either get rid of them or finish them.

I also discovered that if I take photos of all those cute baby clothes I love, it is far easier to get rid of the actual item. Even better is taking pictures of baby girl wearing the cute clothes. ( I love digital photography that allows you to use the very best photo and the rest can stay on the storage medium.)  At that point I have a memory of the outfit, and I can pass it on to someone else who could use it. My mom passed on a few baby items of mine, and while it's nice for sentimental value, the only things I've really used are the baby sweaters.  The little dresses have either gone to the dress-up rack or to the doll clothes box.

The time it takes to go through things is definitely a challenge--especially with a baby.  I am trying to use her nap times to my best advantage.  Not turning on the TV is a huge help. I get distracted by it. I also am probably a little ADHD and I get distracted and have to push myself to finish projects.

Today is one of those days I've been pushing myself to finish projects. I offered to pay a girl in our ward who will soon be leaving on her church mission to come over and help me. Since she got here in three hours and 20 minutes we:

Did the dishes
Hand washed a stockpot, rice cooker, electric skillet, and a crock pot.
Ran two loads of laundry
Roasted butternut squash and sweet potatoes for meal prep.
Entered 15 recipes into my menu planning app.
Started mending five pairs of pants with holes in the knees.
Transferred some audio tapes into a mp3 format
Started reorganizing the bookcase in the music room.
Written this blog post while I nursed. (I love my tablet!)

In past weeks I've sorted and organized the toys in our sunroom, (still have to tackle the basement), taken clothes to consignment and donation, tackled the Christmas cards and birth announcements (yes very late), cleaned up and organized two big bookcases.  I also improved our chore chart for my children. 

I have a vision of what I want my home to look like.  I want a peaceful, well organized and ordered home with a home for every item.  I want to have our goals on the wall and frames for the kids accomplishments.  I want the children to feel loved and cared for and have the structure that will help them fly.

I may never have the most exquisitely decorated home or make elaborate parties for them, but I can give them the structure and order that will help them feel secure--which is so important for ASD kids. I can also give them a mom who is no longer weighed down by "stuff" who has a lighter heart because she has made more room in it.

That room is for them. 

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