Friday, February 22, 2013

Follow-up on Baby Girl

Baby Girl had her nine month well visit. Overall the pediatrician is happy with the progress she has been making. She seems to have a rash/ dry skin/ eczema. We are not entirely clear on what is causing it. I am going to go back to the basics with her diet and see if we can figure out what we need to do food wise for her. She is always scratching at the back of her neck. She hates bibs on her. I don't know if that is a result of her skin condition or a sensory issue like her brothers. She also cries when anyone chuckles or laughs when she is tired. Maybe I am hyper-sensitive to the issue because of the other boys. Our pediatrician and I talked and she said we would just have to watch her carefully for now. It's too early to tell.

We may try and get involved in some studies at our favorite medical center to monitor her development. Other than that, it is a bit of a waiting game. So we wait.  

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